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A new approach to cyber defense from a team with unparalleled experience.

There’s asymmetry between attackers and the attacked.

Everyone wants to believe that governments offer at least some modicum of retribution in the event of a cyber attack. But the reality is that adversaries operate outside the law and regularly escape punishment for the disasters they inflict. This leaves companies — and the public — vulnerable and significantly disadvantaged.

We turn the tables for our clients so they can defend themselves proactively.

Max and John founded [redacted] to level the playing field for businesses who value the rule of law and the integrity of the data they retain. They understood that it’s insufficient to simply audit a security stack based on what’s happening in the client’s environment — true context involves taking a much broader view.

Re-establishing our clients’ safety from hostile nation-states and destructive cyber criminals.

By monitoring activity in a clients’ network and cross referencing it with clues from our real-world intelligence platform, our clients can take meaningful action: attacks will be prevented or stopped, and attackers will get caught and punished.


A photo of Max Kelly
Max Kelly Co-founder, Chairman, CEO

Max Kelly created [redacted] in 2015 following public service at the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command. Prior to the NSA, Max was the Chief Security Officer of Facebook from 2005 to 2010, where he founded, built, and managed the Facebook Security Team. He was responsible for all aspects of Facebook Security, protecting the personal information of hundreds of millions of users. In 2008, his team successfully investigated, prosecuted, and won the largest anti-spam judgment in history. Earlier in his career, Max was a Computer Forensics Examiner at the FBI, VP of Technology for Ticketmaster Online, and Chief Technology Officer of Europe at Thomson Financial Services, a division of Thomson Reuters. Max also served at the US Digital Service, an elite technology unit housed within the Executive Office of the President.

A photo of John Hering
John Hering Co-founder, Board Member

Prior to co-founding [redacted], John Hering was the co-founder and CEO of Lookout, a global leader in cybersecurity technology based in Silicon Valley. Lookout protects over 100 million users globally including the world’s largest enterprises and the US Government across multiple agencies. John began his career as a security researcher with a focus on mobile and IOT technologies and contributed to the discovery of a wide range of critical security vulnerabilities. John is widely recognized as a security industry leader and is a frequent presenter at conferences including DEFCON, Black Hat Technical Security Conference, RSA, and Mobile World Congress. John is a Partner at Vy Capital, an investment company with $1B+ in assets under management, which focuses on investing in fundamental technological change including Space Exploration, Quantum Computing, and Artificial Intelligence.


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Specialized Experience

  • 79% engineers, developers, analysts, investigators
  • 60% former intelligence community
  • 26% military veterans

Diversity & Inclusion

  • 50% female exec team
  • 19% female
  • 17% minorities


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Constantine Saab
Chief Technology Officer Valor Capital LinkedIn Logo
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Alex Doll
Founder and Managing General Partner Ten Eleven Ventures LinkedIn Logo
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Bill Crowell
Partner Alsop Louie Partners LinkedIn Logo

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